About me

Name: Sara

Gender: woman

Year of Birth: 1989

Marital Status: single

Professional Education: Agricultural Development Project Management

Description of personality: open, optimistic, trustful, lazy, efficient, polite, adventurous, persistent, pragmatic, calm, modest, flexibel, christian, simple, sociable, hospitable, different

Reason for this Blog: there are only very few people that travel Western Africa, and even fewer to write about there experiences. Also there are almost no information about these countries, especially concerning the visa and travel preparation. In addition, travelling as a single young woman in Africa is not very common. I want to share my experiences and encourage you to visit this magnificent place. 


 2008/09    10 mo     Mali

             2009      1 mo      Senegal

               2013       1 mo     Morocco

               2014       1 mo     Morocco

                2015       7 mo     Morocco

                                                     2016       1 we      Western Sahara (Morocco)

                     2016       1 mo      Mauritania

                2016       3 we      Senegal

         2016       2 we      Mali

                      2017       1 mo      Mauritania